According to an article in Forbes, 53% of marketers intend to adopt artificial intelligence over the next two years. Not started yet? No problem. These hand-picked posts provide valuable insights to help start your strategic evaluation of AI marketing (hopefully before your competition wakes up and starts theirs).

As I wrote recently in my post ‘Why Marketing Team Need To Consider Re-Organizing Now For AI’, 2017 is the year that marketing teams need to start thinking about how they’ll plan to adapt to the era of AI marketing.

And while it’s a bit early to be experiencing deep FOMO over AI marketing (or is it?), now is definitely the time to start preparing for the inevitable in order to deliver a competitive advantage for your business.

Below is a list of articles that have appeared in leading outlets in the past few months that cover the subject of marketing and artificial intelligence. All been filtered for general helpfulness and readability.

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1. How Sales & Marketing AI Will Transform Growth Roles

By David Kosmayer writing in Business 2 Community

“…a company that doesn’t at least experiment with AI in their sales and marketing strategies will be turning its back on something that could potentially grow their business in ways they haven’t even dreamed of.”

2. Is Marketing Dead, Or Starting A New Golden Age?

By Roger Dooley writing in Forbes:

“The ultimate promise of the convergence of these fields is that we’ll see products created that people really want and marketing that is appreciated rather than tuned out. We’re years way from this marketing utopia, but the trailblazers who reinvent and re-energize the field will be visionary CMOs and marketers at every level.”

3. How AI is a Catalyst for Digital Transformation in Marketing

By Paroma Sen in Martech Advisor

“With the intelligence gathered using AI as a base, marketers are now finding it easier to narrow down and streamline their entire sales and marketing processes and initiatives. This also leads to effective utilization of resources and increased sales figures.”

4. Why Marketers Are Betting on Bots

By Adrianne Pasquarelli and Jessica Wohl in AdAge

“Formerly just a plot mechanism in science-fiction stories, artificial intelligence is finding its way into contemporary commerce as a growing number of marketers turn to bots to better connect with customers and, in some cases, offer something digitally distinctive.”

5. Marketing’s Artificial Intelligence Revolution Is Here

By Dillon Baker in Contently blog

“Ninety-five percent of the people who came to marketing did not come to this data-driven world. They came for the soft side of #marketing. Because of AI, you can be that creative person you always wanted to be. You now have systems that don’t require you to become a mathematician.”

6. With brains like Einstein’s, who needs marketers?

By Barry Levine writing in Martech

“As computer intelligence takes over tactical decision-making, and as marketing trends toward “campaigns of one” targeted at each individual customer, the marketer increasingly assumes the role of goal setter. In other words, in a world of self-driving cars, someone has to tell the car where to go.”

7. Real News Alert! Artificial Intelligence Is Redefining Marketing

By Samuel Greengard in CMO

“Marketing and advertising must become more focused and directed. Those that learn how to use it effectively will enjoy a competitive advantage. The widespread adoption of ad-blocking software demonstrates that the current system isn’t working. Marketers must get smarter to boost click-through rates and conversions.”

8. How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Advertising

By Olivier Maugain in Marketing Interactive (Chinese Market focus)

“Accordingly, companies and brands should resist the temptation to jump the gun and instead cautiously advance towards AI. Necessary steps on this path may include (but are not limited to) the automation of basic data processes and the implementation of integrated analytics.”

Getting Started

As a fellow marketer, I understand the challenges of putting into context the shifting landscape that marketing automation and machine learning is creating.

I hope that these posts inspire at least a few marketing teams to gather around the table and take the first steps towards crafting an AI marketing strategy

Embrace the change and give your team a competitive advantage.

Did I Miss Something?

Please feel free to share links to other informative and inspiring posts and articles on AI marketing in the comments below. Really great posts will find their way into the main list above.